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Philip & Analyn

Philiana design is the combined expertise of husband and wife Philip and Analyn Repato. A successful attempt of combining seamless, elegant and timeless design with the world class manufacturing and well intended furniture trade.


Who We Are

Philiana Design is a team of experts and designers, tackling anything from interior, furnishings and furniture. In essence the company prides themselves in the manufacturing process of each furniture piece and life of the spaces touched by its products and designers. 


Philiana Design offers only premium quality services, teamed up with seasoned designers and experienced craftmanship and well curated materials. 


In house industrial & Interior Designers


Local craftsmen, quality materials, up to date machines and first-rate facilities


Well guided, honest and amicable transactions

Our Design Process

At Philiana Design, we specialize in creating beautiful and sustainable pieces of furniture and well planned spaces. Our team of experienced designers and craftsmen have created bespoke pieces for a number of discerning clients, as well as timelessly furnished spaces. We take pride in our approach to the design process, which involves ideation, prototyping and execution. Philiana Design to the best of our capabilities revises until we get it perfect. In the mindset of client first, before beginning any project, we take the time to interview our clients and tailor the design to their specific needs and wants. We are also focused and hands-on through every process and value after sales service. With Philiana Design, client can rest assure that the highest level of quality and craftsmanship is being used.

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